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Carol Jeffers

Carol Jeffers is writing a book-length work of literary non-fiction about Empathy,

the nomadic character who wanders in and out of our tumultuous lives, often

accompanied by Certainty and Uncertainty. Log line: This is a book about ships

passing in the night, Empathy’s reach for us, and our search for Empathy.


Titled The Question of Empathy, the manuscript’s six chapters and twenty-four

elements have grown out of an interest in empathic listening that began in Carol’s (Professor Jeffers’) classroom years ago when she and her university students explored works of art that served as personal metaphors. These experiences and related interactions with art, self, and others are the subject of Carol’s academic writing published in refereed journals, edited volumes, and single-author book over the twenty-three years of her career as a university art educator. See her curriculum vitae for details. Prior to her years in higher education, Carol spent eight years teaching art at the high school level. Even then, she was interested in researching and writing about the human condition and was dogged by the question of empathy.



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